Writing to Let Go of Complexity

If you’re struggling to make a living you probably have your head spinning from time to time. If you’re using a computer, you probably have your head spinning most of the time.

I’ve found many things that help me relax my spinning head. One way, the way I’m writing about today, is writing for mental clarity – writing to let go of complexity.

I simply sit at my computer, open the word processor that I use for journaling (yWriter), and start typing. I let go.

I pose questions. I let various ideas come to mind and onto the computer screen.

This provides mental clarity for me.

I type about whatever has my head spinning. The problems shift. The attention flies all over the place as I’m typing away.

There are endless temptations to immediately jump and do something else. When those inclinations rear their heads, I open up my things to do list and add that task. Then I return to writing.

Gradually, or sometimes suddenly, this clears my mind. Silence prevails.

All is well.

May the bliss be with you.

Your friend,
Jim Kitzmiller