Writing to Feel Better

You can write to feel better. At least it works for me.

Sometimes when you’re not quite with it, or if you’re not feeling too awesome, you can write your heart out.

And if you’re already feeling good, you can write to feel even better.

There is a secret to this particular form of writing. You don’t stop to think. You simply let it rip.

If you find yourself stuck, simply write anything. It doesn’t have to be some piece of literature that will alter the course of civilization. This particular writing is devoted to you personally. It is for your eyes only. It is for your own personal gain.

The idea is to get the thinking mind out of the way. Simply let it go. Depending on your belief system, you could get the idea that some Higher Power is working through you.

Actually this process, stepping aside and letting a Higher Power work through you, is a major step in advancing to a higher level of consciousness – a higher level of existence.

The temptation is to say that this is not to be taken lightly. However, you evolve past seriousness when you take things lightly. This is not abandoning responsibility, it is letting go of the rigid emotions that limit our ability to be effective in the world.

Letting go can be tremendously powerful. We could do a nine day retreat on simply letting go. It is simple and life changing.

A good start on all of this is to simply let go when you’re writing. You don’t even have to come back later and edit your writing. The act of writing is what helps you.

This is called stream of consciousness writing. A couple of years ago I wrote a complete novel with stream of consciousness writing. The novel came through me in unexpected ways. There was a sudden appearance of an unexpected character who wound up fitting perfectly into the novel.

However, you don’t have to wind up with writing that makes sense. For the purposes of feeling good, just let it rip.

Should you’re writing be happy, angry, sad, or …? There is value in purging your unhappy and angry thoughts. If you’re really bummed out, you can express yourself in writing. It is one way to purge your negative feelings.

However, I wouldn’t suggest that you keep that up for a very long time. There is tremendous value in writing from a positive viewpoint. Abraham-Hicks suggests various spiritual exercises where you write about things in a positive way.

You can create a spiritual path that is based on positive writing. My book Rocket Fuel for the Soul has over four hundred exercises called blissercises – bliss exercises. It invites you to look at things differently.

May the bliss be with you.