Movie Feel Good Review – Zoom: Academy for Superheroes

Movie Feel Good Review – This feel good movie is perfect for the whole family. It stars Tim Allen, Chevy Chase, and Courtney Cox.

It’s all about doing the right thing. It’s about personal redemption. It’s about accepting your individual uniqueness that tended to separate you from society.

The kids are a bunch of misfits with amazing abilities. These are super abilities that were going to waste and not serving the world. They are recruited to the Academy of Superheroes.

Zoom (Tim Allen) is a washed up superhero who denies that he ever was one. There is no evidence. He is paid to train the new recruits for a secret project. None of the superheroes knows what their project will be. Their only information is that they are going to be doing good.

Zoom is indifferent about the kids, the job, and the training. He goes through some motions. However, the little girl who lifts 5,000 pounds adores him and tries to break through his callous shell.

The original project went awry when the big bosses subscribed a toxic substance that increased the power of the superheroes. The bad news is that it turned one of the original heroes to the dark side. That newly created “bad guy”, Concussion, took his abilities off into another dimension. However, he is now returning with tremendous power and evil intentions.

The secret project is to stop Concussion at all costs. The big bosses want to inject the toxic, power magnifying substance into the new superheroes. This would put them at risk and possibly convert them to the dark side.

The characters evolve as caring human beings. You get to enjoy the process as it unfolds. Your emotions lift as the movie progresses.

We all have ways to help make the world a better place. We can build our own self esteem while helping ourselves and others.

Movie Feel Good Review – If you have kids, or if you’re an overgrown kid like me, you must put this feel good movie at the top of your movie list. It’s that good.